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Tips To Obtain A Free SAP License Audit.

Obtaining an SAP license audit is a daunting task for any firm that is not prepared. A good way any organization can prevent the future headache of trying to find the best SAP license audit is to look for a free one as early as possible. You need to get free SAP license audits from an organization that has enough experience in giving SAP license audits. Obtaining an SAP license audit is a problem faced by many organization. They consider costs and business renovation according to the system but they still find it hard to get one. Before the company gets SAP license compliance, time would have passed. The SAP license audit team will start sending messages to your firm informing you to prepare for audits.

Most of the companies are not well prepared for these measurement parameters to count early. Since you had already signed the agreement document with the SPA license audit team, you ought to have completed the SAP license audit by that given date. The following is a guideline on how to obtain a free SAP license audits on time.

As the company owner, you should be knowing your current status of an SAP license audit. This means you have to know your SLAW and USMM reports and then know your indirect usage as well as engine licenses.

Then devise a short-term project that will improve your SAP license audit. You need to place your data in one place and to know whether it is possible to reduce the compliance risks and expected costs via improved license allocations. All the SAP license information should be in one place. Look for the best IT forecast for the next few months.

Next, make sure you start implementing and building a license forecast for SAP users and SAP packages. You can do so by understanding and optimizing your direct users for this is the simplest licensing field and much work is done by direct users. Check the SAP users histories and start by removing all the inactive and duplicate users. One can commence the work of optimizing indirect user licenses by taking the roles you have created for assigning SAP licenses to new users and knowing the duty of every user. This will help you know the time you have before your company requires to purchase additional SAP license audits.

You can pass the SAP license audit by first understanding your engine license metrics. The metric can change from one product to the next one and you need to review the metrics that are in your contracts and how they can change depending on your Business Plan. In case of any change in the business plan, all employees must know and this can be achieved by updating monthly purchases. Ensure you come up with a draft of the SAP license compliance and send it to all your departments for review.

Last but not least is to get more SAP licenses for your growing business and ensuring you pass the SAP license audit.

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